A Dreary World . . .

Brian Auer
[email protected]

I shot this photo with my 1956 Minolta Autocord on some 120 format PanF Plus. The camera has no meter, so I’m glad that the exposure turned out correct. The thing I love most about this camera is how sharp it can be when shot at f/3.5 or f/4 (I’m guessing I was using one of these settings because the scene was in full shade).

The scene is from a random street in downtown San Diego. I used the vertical pillars to break the shot into approximate thirds, and I positioned the birds at the lower section of the frame. I recall crouching down to get the shot, and using a waist-level viewfinder helps get it even lower. As for the title, I don’t know… there’s just something so dreary and down about this photo. It doesn’t really come across as a “happy” scene — but photography isn’t always about “happy” stuff.

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Categories:   Architecture



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