Beach Apartments . . .

Brian Auer
[email protected]

This was shot on an old Argus C3 loaded with expired Kodak Professional Ortho 6556 (Type 3) film — both of which were a first for me, and I’m amazed that I got some usable shots on a first try. The film is incredibly slow (ISO 12 when developed with Diafine) and it allowed me to open up the aperture on the camera even with the limited 1/300 second shutter speed.

The darkroom prints are silky smooth with almost no sign of grain whatsoever — I actually have a hard time focusing the grain when enlarging because it’s so hard to see.

Aside from the technical stuff, I just sort of like this one because of the interesting tones in the sky and the repeating patterns in the building and trees. Plus, it’s so very typical Southern California beach town.

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