Enchanted Forest . . .

Siddhartha Tawadey
[email protected]

I am a visual artist and create from my various references that I find in art; whether it be the surrealist qualities of the Paintings of Rene Magritte or Salvador Dali, to the abstract expressionism of Rothko and Mondrian to the sheer Beauty of a Monet and Seurat or the Striking and involved imagery of Van Gogh.

I continuously try and break with convention, making images that are self-consciously allusive, and non referential. As Artists in the radical art movements of Cubism, Futurism, and Constructivism, twentieth-century, I have also experimented with vantage points, framing, and lighting, to achieve the fragmentation of Picasso or the complex intersecting planes of Lissitsky. I have applied techniques borrowed from both filmmakers and scientists, including the use of negative prints, camera-less photograms, close-ups, lens distortions, and montage.

I work abstractly and non-linearly – however, my designs do have trends over time, usually with the goal of delaying recognition so a photograph may better dialogue with its viewer, free of labels. Recent techniques have included seeing without gravity, designing in soft focus, and using shapes to continue the photograph beyond the physical frame.

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