Gangsta . . .

Brian Auer
[email protected]

Medium format film photo of a (hydraulics equipped) car in Pacific Beach, California. I got a kick out of how they parked it in front of the bar like that, so I grabbed a quick shot with my old TLR. I’m pretty sure the owner was watching me from the outdoor bar area… I tried to just pretend like I didn’t notice or care. Took the shot and walked along my way.

The film used was Ilford PanF+ at an exposure index of 25. So I pulled it back one stop with Rodinal in order to allow me the chance to open up the aperture a bit more on the camera. The shutter maxes out at 1/400 seconds, so it’s hard to get shallow DOF shots here in sunny California without using really slow film.

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Categories:   Still Life



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