It’s Lonely Out Here . . .

Brian Auer
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This was taken while I was out on an impromptu photowalk with a few friends. Since most of the photography geeks I know live up near Los Angeles and I live in San Diego, we ended up meeting in Huntington Beach. I brought 4 film cameras with me — no digital.

I suppose the thing that caught my eye prior to shooting the scene was the empty space surrounding this lifeguard station. Only a couple of trash cans and one person sitting in the sand were within the view of the frame. I only took one shot of this scene, and I decided to position the station right in the center of the horizontal. I know it totally breaks the rule of thirds, but I felt like it would have more impact this way — adding to the feeling of emptiness and loneliness.

This photo taken on Ilford PanF Plus (ISO 50) with a 1973 Minolta SRT-Super equipped with a 135mm f/2.8 lens. I like this PanF Plus film from Ilford almost as much as I like the HP5. The tones and overall mood it produces is quite interesting… sort of old-school. I was completely delighted with how it came out on this film.

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