Radially . . .

Brian Auer
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ra·di·al·ly \’rā-dē-ə-lē\
Medieval Latin radialis, from Latin radius ray
1: arranged or having parts arranged like rays
2: relating to, placed like, or moving along a radius
3: characterized by divergence from a center
4: of, relating to, or adjacent to a bodily radius
5: developing uniformly around a central axis

This was shot using all natural light (it was in the shade on a very sunny day) and the camera was handheld with a 50mm lens. This plant caught my attention as I walked the canals of Venice, California — it was along the sidewalk behind the houses. The pattern was so very strong, and the colors so deep that I couldn’t pass it up. The water droplets on the plant were just icing on the cake.

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