Surf Motion Study 10 . . .

Dustin Michelson
[email protected]

This photograph is part of an ongoing project which consists of slow shutter speed surfing photos. It all started with a few “mistake” shots in which my shutter speed was too slow to freeze the action. The shots caught my eye, and I wanted to work specifically to see how I could create a visually pleasing image while shooting surfing handheld at a slower speed. I’ve found that the longer exposure gives a great sense of the movement in both the surfer and the ocean around him/her which is often lost in surf photography. While reviewing photos that I’ve taken for this project, I have also tended to choose ones in which the surfer is unrecognizable. The anonymity of it, I think, creates an image that many people could relate to more than if the person were recognizable.

This particular photo was taken in Shell Beach, CA. This spot is a place that I return to often to photograph because at low tide the reef is exposed and you can walk out much closer to where the waves are breaking.

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