The Watchman . . .

The Watchman . . .
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A lifeguard is perched atop the 300 foot sand cliffs above Black’s Beach in California. From this perch, he can see quite a distance up and down the beach, and he’s in constant contact with the crew down by the water. This crew patrols the beachline via jeep and personal watercraft.

On a side note, the greenish tint in the water is something I’ve often seen from this location. The colors have been boosted a little bit for visual impact, but it’s not totally untrue.

I’ve had several people comment on this photo that the waves look really small or that the water appears to be very close to the foreground of the scene. It’s not — those waves are large enough to surf, and if there were any people on the beach in this photo, they would look like little tiny spots.

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