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Brian Auer
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A photo from within the Metro rail station at Hollywood Blvd and Highland Ave. Several of the metro stations I’ve been to in Los Angeles have this same type of architecture. This particular outing was part of a photographer’s rights rally as we traveled from Hollywood Blvd to the LA Union Station.

The photo was taken on a Velvia 100 film with an old medium format TLR camera (1956 Minolta Autocord) and the film was cross processed to achieve the red color cast. These stations are fairly dim, so the camera was shot wide open at a shutter speed of approximately 1/30 seconds. The shot turned out underexposed, but I’m happy with how this adds to the overall appearance of the image.

Full digital resolution of the scanned film: ~50MP. Yeah, very large.

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  • Posted: May 6, 2016 14:06

    Dan De Ment

    Brian: Excellent composition and color. Keep em comin, my friend.


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